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IT & Bioinformatics Solutions

What We Do

• Bioinformatics guidance for projects

• Bioinformatics analyzes

• Infrastructure

• Software development

1) Bioinformatics guidance for research projects

a) Research projects and analyzes planning

b) Tools benchmarking

c) Experimental design

d) Infrastructure design for specific demands

2) Bioinformatics analyzes

a) Sequencing Quality Control

b) Genome/Transcriptome assembly

c) Structural and Functional annotation

d) Comparative genomics

e) Repetitive elements

f) Molecular phylogeny

g) Mapping

h) Molecular markers

i) Differential expression

j) Gene discovery

k) Other

3) Infrastructure

a) Hardware

    i) Installation

    ii) Setup

    iii) Maintenance

b) Software

    i) Management

    ii) Virtualization

    iii) Web server

    iv) SGDBs

    v) Installation and configuration of bioinformatics tools

    vi) Access control (Security, Sharing)

    vii) Backup

    viii) Update

4) Software development

a) Web Systems and Sites

    i) Design and planning

    ii) Development and Tests

    iii) Documentation

    iv) Training

b) Scripts

    i) File formats conversion

    ii) Information processing

    iii) Performance, parallelism

    iv) Large-scale data processing

    v) Other

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